Source Elements Privacy Policy

Latest update: May 26, 2018

1. INTRODUCTION is committed to your privacy, and firmly take your privacy concerns seriously. The purpose of the  following policy is to address your concerns and explain our position on what information we collect and why.

We may collect and store personally identifiable data -such as your name and email address -the scope of which is according to what and how you wish to disclose such personally identifiable data. This information is used to provide you with the services we offer, including but not limited to address book functions (Contacts list, search and browse by name, studio, location), notification of updates, account security and network security. More specific details of what we collect and how it is used is outlined within this policy.

This privacy policy is subject to change overtime. In the event of a revision, a notice will be placed in the Support section of the site, where registered users of the site can also update their personal information and revise their permissions previously granted to Both registered and non-registered users may view this policy at any time by clicking on the 'Privacy policy' link that can be found in the footer of every page within the scope of . If changes mark a material departure from our current policy or materially affects users' rights and obligations, if feasible, changes will be posted here with suitable marking within 30 days in advance of the effective date.


(a) Personally identifiable data collection

We may collect and store active data, data specifically provided by you, including your name, email address, geographic location and contact information. This information is used for the sole purposes of providing you with the services and benefits offered by, primarily as an integrated service to work in conjunction with the Source-Connect Software. In order to utilize these services you must register a user account. You will be asked to select a username and password so that you have access to your user account. To complete the registration process we require a valid email address in order to confirm your registration. We offer a profile service where you may choose to disclose personal information so that other users may find and recognize you. You may choose what information you disclose and how it is viewed by selecting your privacy level.

(b) Passive data collection

We store passive data collected through the activity of your browser and through use of our product(s), including but not limited to Source-Connect and Source-Live, RTAS and VST plug-ins which require that you are connected to the Internet. We collect and log your online activity anonymously in order to monitor our services, allocate resources and in view of providing future services, through use of the electronic tools that may be transparent to you, such as your public IP address, which depending on how you connect to the Internet may stay the same or change each time you access the Internet, the location and name of your ISP (Internet Service Provider), the type and version of browser(s) you access with, the length of time you stay on, your click-stream information, the page that referred you to and the files that you viewed. If you were referred to, the site that referred you may have placed personally identifiable data in that URL which may have been logged by us. Logging your IP address and browser information does not provide us with personally identifiable data, such as your email address or home or work address. We use the logged data for the sole purposes of monitoring our services, allocating resources and for providing future services based on current use.

(c) Cookies

Today's commonly used Web Browsers offer a feature known as Cookies, which allows a website to write data about a user's visit in a small text document which is stored on a user's computer. In order to use you must enable the Cookie feature in your browser to accept Cookies. The use of Cookies allows us to monitor our services. It also allows to recognize your credentials and allow you access to your personal information. You can turn the Cookies feature off in your browser, however you no longer be able to access your account on Cookies stored by contain only your username and time of access. After a length of time has passed without activity, your account will automatically be logged out to maintain privacy.

(d) Specific data that is not collected or stored: does not collect, capture or store data related directly to the peer-to-peer use of the Source-Connect Software. does not collect,capture or store any personally identifiable content transmitted by the Instant Messaging feature, nor does collect, capture or store port or network information transmitted directly between peers to establish or close connections. Once a connection between two peers has been established, has no role in the Source-Connect Software service of broadcasting and receiving audio packets.

(e) Third party data

We may collect your Personal Data from a third-party when you enter a competition or promotion run by the third-party, in case you have permitted the third-party to share your Personal Data. We will only use this information for contact details for delivering prizes or providing related services and/or products.


Personally identifiable data may only be accessed by you or by Source Elements LLC personnel in order to access and provide technical support, content services or update notifications. We endeavor to keep your personally identifiable data confidential from other users, third parties and non-technical Source Elements LLC personnel. At no time is your 
personally identifiable or passive data sold, leased, rented, bartered, loaned or given to any third party by us for any purpose or occasion whatsoever. Source Elements LLC is the sole user and collector of data for the express purposes of providing and improving services and support. At no time is personally identifiable data shared with a third party or viewed by non-technical personnel. Passive data and personally identifiable data may be used to improve services. Passive data, never personally identifiable data, may be shared with third parties in order to enhance our services.


If you choose to disclose personal information, such as your phone number or location, you should know that this information can be collected by other users who have access to and may result in unsolicited messages from other people. Although we make reasonable efforts to ensure that your information is collected and secured in a secure operating environment that is not available to the public or third parties we cannot guarantee complete security of your information. You are solely responsible for maintaining the secrecy of your password(s) and any other account information known only to you.

5. EMAIL LISTS AND COMMUNICATION does not sell, lease, rent, barter, loan or give its user list or user's email addresses, names, contact details, location or mailing address to any third party for any purpose or occasion whatsoever. does not send out solicitations of any kind to its users. A user may grant permission to send notification or updates or may grant other user's permission to send the user email notifications or messages (known as 'opt-in'). The user may change their preference in receiving such email communications at any time by editing their profile in the Support section of

6. ELECTRONIC COMMERCE utilizes the services of Stripe, Inc to conduct electronic transactions. To complete electronic transactions Stripe may collect such information as your name, credit card number and other financial or personally identifiable information. does not store information electronic transaction information. does not use electronic transaction information for any purpose other than completing the transaction. Please refer to Stripe's own Privacy Policy for more information:


A registered user may at any time access their Source-Connect account via and modify or delete information and preferences as they choose. Information you provide to may be stored for an indefinite period of time. Accounts are not disabled if unused for any period of time, however this is subject to change 
and such changes will be posted to both the Support section and this document. You can permanently delete your account by selecting the 'Delete Account' option, found in the Edit Profile page in the Support section. By doing so, your username and personal account information will be permanently removed from our server however a record of your Passive Data history will remain, as well as any Electronic Transactions you have made.


In the event of a sale or merger of Source Elements LLC, ownership of the information described in this Privacy Policy will be transferred to the acquiring or successor company.If you have any comments or questions regarding our policies, you are welcome to contact us.

Latest update: May 26th, 2018